Inventions based on gratitude and pains are so much stronger

In the TED talk by Mileha Soneji she is trying to solve small pains for her onkel with Parkinson. She asked, What can I do today? A small token of gratitude.

If we would focus on real Pain for our loved one in our near community it is easier to commit to find a solutions. We do it by love. By compassion. And a purpose. All that is already installed as motivation.

Everything doesn’t need to be a complex solution. It can just be something smart.

So the steps are:

What is the real pain here? Try to use as much questions as you can to find root cause for the problem.

Find a real Pain-killer. Not vitamins. A solution to that specific Pain.

Test and experiment your Pain-killer directly to the end-user. In this case it would be near. Direct. And if you do it right you will be meet by love just for trying. In this step you have validated your Pain-killer.

Decision-Time. Should we proceed with this Pain-killer or not? Go to full production of one version? I call this Go-or-No-Go meeting.

Evaluate if your idea is as good as you hope for. Your near friend have already said something about it. Can you test it on another one?

Last, If you ask yourself the question:

Why doesn’t this exist already?

You probably have something that could be a good invention for many more than your friend. Happy inventions!